Why Using Free Legal Documents Online May Cost You In the Long Run

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Legal Documents

Legal documents are needed for all businesses. It is necessary to use these to record your transactions, to create agreements with customers, employees, investors, contractors, suppliers and more. While it may be tempting to rely on free forms you find online, this is not always going to be the best course of action.

The fact is, while free legal documents may be free initially, and easy to fill out when you just need to get something in writing, they may wind up costing you much more than you thought they would.

How can Free Legal Documents Cost You Money?

At this point, you are probably thinking, “how in the world can free legal documents cost you money – that just doesn’t make sense.” After all, there are even some multi-million dollar companies that have built their entire business one providing free legal documents. Why in the world are they so bad?

The answer is pretty simple if you think about it. Free legal documents will not properly address all the crucial legal issues in most business situations. As a result, you are much more likely to face a lawsuit if problems do arise, and when this happens, the free legal documents you relied on won’t be any help.

The Problem with Free Legal Documents

The free legal documents you can access online are created to be as generic as possible. This is to ensure they will work for a number of business situations. The issue is that there are so many different types of businesses and different business models that it isn’t possible for free legal documents to address each and every legal issue that applies.

Consider the following – you have downloaded a free consulting agreement. Two different companies want to use it:

  1. A mobile app company that requires a consultant to help with the design of its user interface
  2. A new restaurant that needs a consultant to being opening franchises

These two businesses are extremely different. A basic consulting agreement will not be able to accompany the differences that are present, which can lead a number of serious issues.

Why Proper Legal Documents are Necessary

In most cases, nothing bad is going to come of the situation. The consultants will sign the agreement, do the work, receive payment and move on. However, from time to time, things may not work out as planned. If there is a dispute, then free legal documents aren’t going to be enough. While you may have gotten something for free in the beginning, in the long run it may wind up costing you thousands to go to court and settle the dispute.

If you are a business owner and need legal documents, it is best to rely on the services of an experienced business attorney. For more information about documents and other services, contact the attorneys at Feaman Law by calling 561-469-0019.

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