How to Prepare for Your Meeting with a Business Law Attorney

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Business Law

You’ve got a big meeting coming up. Not with a potential client or a vendor, but a business lawyer. This new lawyer is going to help you iron out some of the basics to running your new enterprise.

While this individual is making himself available to meet with you, you still want to know what you should bring or what you can do to prepare for your meeting.

If you choose not to show up to your initial meeting with your business attorney, then you will likely waste your attorney’s time, and your own time, which neither of you can afford to do…

In order to show up prepared, here are some things you can do to prepare for your initial meeting with a business lawyer:

1. Prepare paperwork – Upon scheduling your initial meeting, the firm’s office staff might have provided you with a questionnaire or other intake forms. Be sure to fill these out to the fullest extent possible.

Having these completed beforehand will save you from having to sit in the office, scribbling to complete them right before your appointed meeting time.

2. Prepare an explanation – Be prepared to get into detail about your personal or professional situation. If you are involved in a business dispute and are looking for some help, then be prepared to tell your story, and explain why you believe you need legal help.

3. Do your homework – Just like you would prepare for a big exam, you should also do some homework or research on your situation or on the attorney you are about to meet before coming in for your initial meeting.

Knowing a little bit about who and what you are dealing with can help you to know what to expect.

4. List organizations and/or associations – Be sure to give your new attorney a list of organizations, institutions or associations your business is affiliated with.

For example, be sure to include all banks or other businesses you are affiliated or associated with or even conduct business with. If the attorney recognizes a conflict of interest in any of these areas, then he should tell you upfront.

5. Come with questions – Remember, your initial meeting isn’t solely about letting your attorney ask you a ton of questions; it’s also a great opportunity for you to ask your questions. In fact, you are there for legal guidance and advice, so show up to your meeting with a list of questions prepared in advance.

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What You Can Expect from Working with a Business Law Attorney

Meeting a business law attorney for the first time might be a little unnerving—especially if you have never worked with an attorney before. Taking the time to be prepared before your meeting will help alleviate some of your concerns and nerves.

It will also show your attorney that you are prepared, organized, and take your situation and your business sincerely and seriously.

Working with an experienced business law attorney who is knowledgeable Florida business law can help you with business litigation, contract litigation, fraud, and other types of business law questions.


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