Business Litigation Strategies for the Entrepreneurially Challenged

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Business Litigation

When you are an entrepreneur, it should not be a simple decision to consider legal action in a specific matter. The process can take a toll on you personally, professionally, and even significantly consume your resources…more than you are probably prepared to deal with.

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Becoming a Business Control Freak:Once the litigation process begins, any business owner should be aware that they will be entangled in a potentially long and arduous process. In fact, the litigation process can be extremely difficult if the entrepreneur does not solicit the services of an experienced attorney. There are certain aspects of the legal process that can be controlled, but it is important to understand which are which…

While it may seem counter-intuitive, one way to approach—or try to avoid businesses issues as often as possible—is to become a business control freak. We don’t mean stoop to micromanaging or becoming a “penny pincher”, but we do mean stay organized, don’t ignore complaints—no matter how frivolous they may seem—and call a business litigation attorney.

Direct Planning for Dispute Resolution:In addition from being a long and sometimes arduous process, litigation can also be expensive. Therefore, working with the right attorney will help you to strategist and plan on the right dispute resolution.

Direct planning also means having a contingency plan if there are changes during the process. A good attorney will monitor the litigation process on a continuous basis. The attorney has to know how to adapt to any sudden changes and how to come up with an alternative plan should one plan begin to fail.

The attorney has to consistently measure the reality of the process against any plans made, adjusting the strategy on the basis of the changes that do occur.

The Assessment:For a dispute resolution to be effective, there is more involved than merely assessing the costs; it is also about executing a second level of assessment by getting to the core of how the litigation process will affect the company’s outlook strategically.

A good attorney will understand the strength in the arguments and how the strength relates to the objective of the overall business. Some of the essential questions to review in the process can include:

  • How much time will it take to develop the argument?
  • How long will it take to get the statements from witnesses and to research the case to find additional information for an early resolution?
  • Is the attorney in control of the evidence or does it need to be developed?

Managing the Dispute:It is important for the attorney to understand the effect of the lawsuit on your business. It is also critical to measure what it will cost in more than just a dollar amount. Consider different paths to a resolution and not just a courtroom win. A good attorney will know when to change directions if the particular strategy is getting too expensive or not working.

Making the Right Choices:When an entrepreneur has to go into litigation, the attorney-client relationship and excellent communication are important parts of the process. Therefore, making the appropriate choice of attorney will make or break the case.

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