How a Business Law Attorney Can Make Running Your Business Easier

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Business Law

Every business should have an attorney and an accountant. The accountant is obvious since this is the person to help you in setting up and maintaining your business accounts as well as ensuring your federal, local, and state tax returns are all prepared accurately and on time.

But a business lawyer is also necessary in providing essential help in the legal aspects of your business – from zoning requirements, business name trademark, incorporation, and potential lawsuits.

There are different types of lawyers, just as there are doctors who specialize in different areas of medicine. Many attorneys work within a specific field of the law. For example, there are attorneys that specialize in estate and wills, real estate, and, yes, business.

A business law attorney can help business owners handle various facets of business planning and legal issues associated with owning and operating a business. He or she can also position your business in the right organizational category, ensuring your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Contract Management: For your business, you will definitely need an attorney who easily understands the nature of your business enough to give definitive advice on the operation of your individual business.

For example, a business law attorney can prepare basic contracts needed for clients and vendors. The attorney can also go over contracts sent to you by your clients or vendors and respond to them accordingly.

Organization: Your business law lawyer will help you to make the decision whether to organize the business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or limited liability company. They will also help you with the needed paperwork required to establish the business entity.

Commercial Space: Most business attorneys will be able to help you secure commercial space for your office or store. The lawyer will draft and/or review the landlord lease to ensure that you are getting the best deal, negotiating where necessary.

Be aware that most commercial leases will usually provide more benefits to the landlord. However, all tenant contracts are negotiable and that is why you need an attorney on your side. They can prepare an addendum to the contract with provisions that benefit your business.

Business License and Taxes: Licensing and taxes for a business can be quite complex. Your attorney will make it easier for you because he or she understands the basic registration requirements mandated by federal and state laws. A business lawyer also understands the consequences related to any tax transactions and/or errors.

Speak with a Business Lawyer

Although no attorney knows everything about all areas of the law, most business law attorneys are familiar with a broad area of the business world. Don’t be intimidated by the complexities of business law, and consult with a business lawyer that specializes in this area to make managing your business easier.

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