The Best Healthcare Litigation Tips You Will Read This Year

by | Sep 17, 2015 | Healthcare Litigation

Healthcare litigation is unique because it combines two very complex areas: law and medicine. There are an untold number of laws and regulations that affect hospitals, clinics, and other medical care providers. There are also specific laws that and regulations that govern patients’ rights.

Generally speaking, any case that involves a hospital or medical professional may require healthcare litigation. The need could also arise in medical employment disputes or patient care in and out of the hospital. Many cases are resolved using negotiation and settlement, but some require healthcare litigation in a court of law.

Using a Healthcare Attorney as a Healthcare Professional

A healthcare attorney is helpful for hospitals or other healthcare organizations when they need to deal with:

  • Following regulations like the False Claims Act, confidentially requirements, and Anti-Kickback Statutes
  • Government investigations
  • Contracts and company polices
  • Network disputes
  • Internal compliance investigations
  • Whistle blower statutes and claims
  • Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement appeals

Your attorney will help you comply with the numerous regulations at both the state and federal level. He or she will walk you through compliance requirements and make recommendations.

Your healthcare attorney can also help you create company contracts and policies to avoid litigation. Your healthcare attorney can engage in litigation if needed.

Using a Healthcare Attorney as a Patient

  • Healthcare insurance issues
  • Payment disputes
  • Discrimination in health provider claims
  • Alternative dispute resolution and arbitration
  • HIPAA concerns

Generally, healthcare attorneys do not help with medical mistakes that cause injury; instead, you should consult a medical malpractice attorney.

If you need a healthcare attorney as a patient, you can expect that your attorney will explain the complicated legal and medical rules and regulations involved in a way that you will understand. He will work with your medical care provider to resolve your claim. If a resolution is not available through negation and compromise, then healthcare litigation is an option.

Finding a Healthcare Attorney

Because of the extremely complex nature of healthcare law, there are very few healthcare attorneys compared to other areas of the law. Those that practice in this area spend a great deal of time learning the laws and keeping up with changes in the healthcare industry.

If you have a legal healthcare concern, then it is important to find an attorney that specializes in this area or has worked in this area of the law previously. Attorney Peter M. Feaman has the experience and knowledge that you need for your claim. Call 561-469-0019 to schedule a consultation today.

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