3 Things a Lawyer Should do for a Small Business

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Business Law

For small business owners, hiring a business lawyer in Florida seems overwhelming. But, unless you have a background in law, you need the assistance of a professional attorney. An attorney can help you with many things, but there are three things your small business attorney should do for you to get the most out of your retainer.

Advising You on Business Organization

As you start your business, you must decide on its structure. Should you incorporate? Should you go for an S-corp? All of these questions should be run by your attorney and they should be able to give you guidance. A small business attorney can help you pick the right organization so that you can save yourself any costly problems down the road.

Drafting and Negotiating Business Contracts

Whether it is a purchase agreement or an employment contract, business lawyers in Florida can review for mistakes, catch costly omissions, and ensure you’re entering into an agreement that protects your best interests. An attorney can also review contracts and negotiate their terms as well as negotiate with potential hires.

Representing Your Business

The biggest benefit to having a small business attorney is how they represent your company. Because you are going to have your attorney on retainer, they are there for you when you need them. They take the legal responsibility off your shoulders and handle all legal issues your business may face.

It doesn’t matter if you need to go to court or not, an attorney can represent you in negotiations, help you handle legal hurdles, and ensure your business legal problems do not become your personal problems. If you are facing a lawsuit, then your business attorney can handle the litigation, negotiations, and help with costly legal disputes before they even turn into lawsuits.

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