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Probate And Trust Litigation Attorney


Probate And Trust Litigation Attorney in Palm Beach County

Probate Litigation Attorneys at The Law Firm of Peter M. Feaman, P.A., offers experienced representation in probate and trust litigation in Boca Raton and throughout Florida

Florida has a large population of seniors and those approaching their golden years, probate and trust litigation is an extremely active area.

If you have been sued or believe you have a claim and require representation concerning an issue related to either probate or a trust, it’s important that you consult an attorney Peter M. Feaman who is experienced and knowledgeable in these areas of the law.

Probate and Trust Litigation

Probate and the Law

When someone passes on their assets must be distributed and their bills paid. Probate, which is administered by the Palm Beach County circuit court is designed to ensure that the decedent’s assets are legally disbursed amongst those to whom they owe money and those who are to inherit any remaining funds and property.

Assets may include but are not limited to real estate, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, and in some cases life insurance benefits.

If the decedent has left a will, the probate process may be relatively simple, however if there is no will, then the proper distribution of funds may become more complicated. Additionally, if someone contests a will, then the probate process can become complicated, we can help.

Who is Involved in Probate?

Although those who are involved in the probate litigation process may vary, depending upon the facts of the situation, those in the State of Florida who are named in a will or are heirs will usually utilize the services of experienced Palm Beach County probate litigation attorneys such as the Law Firm of Peter M. Feaman, P.A. with probate litigation in Florida, those involved in settling the decedent’s estate may include:

  • Circuit court judge.
  • Personal representative, often having been named by the decedent.
  • Attorney offering legal advice and guidance to the personal representative during each part of the probate process.
  • Those filing claims concerning debts incurred by the decedent during his or her lifetime, such as claims related to medical bills, credit card use, etc.

Thus, even in terms of a basic probate process in which a legal, uncontested will is involved, a lawyer is needed to assure that all funds are properly and legally distributed.

Trusts in Florida

The Law Firm of Peter M. Feaman, P.A. understands that trusts are often used in order to avoid having to deal with the courts. With a trust, someone is able to legally distribute their assets during their lifetime and after their death. Many times property owners may utilize a trust to hold and control assets.

Trusts may be litigated due to challenges from beneficiaries, trustees, or others who feel that they have a right to assets held in the trust. The validity of the trust, actions of the trustee, and actual value of the assets may be in question.

That means going to court. If you feel you have such a claim or are being challenged, it’s important to have proper legal representation.

Working with Probate and Trust Litigation Attorney

If you require the services of an attorney for probate or trust litigation in the West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach area, Palm Beach County, or any part of Florida, contact the Law Firm of Peter M. Feaman, P.A., today at (561) 734-5552.

One of our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys will work closely to ensure that your legal rights are protected in the connection with probate or a trust. The Law Firm of Peter M. Feaman, P.A., will be with you through the entire process, communicating closely with you.



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